“CEBI provides an opportunity for Business leaders to vent without fear of negative feedback and the encouragement of possibilities.  These discussions remain private within the group.  In addition, each business leader is given an opportunity to share ideas to enhance the thinking of a strategic initiative.  The experiences in the group helps for clarification and for encouragement to “think outside of the box.” CEBI is a great group to get unfiltered feedback and can be used as a resource.  I have enjoyed the discussion and the” check-in process” from personal health to business challenges.”

      ~ Oswald Reid, President & CEO, syncreon.US

"I appreciate the format and discussion topics... I really enjoy and look forward to the time between meetings to execute and or implement ideas that specifically challenge me, and then report back to the group the effectiveness. CEBI works well for me and my business."

      ~ Steven Bitzer, President, Deerfield Construction Company

"My time is at a premium, as I am the CEO/Owner of a very fast paced andgrowing company…not to mention being a single mom of three active kids.  Every local and national board leads me to walk away with such incredible insight and wisdom from my peers that open my mind to different perspectives and challenges me personally and professionally.  The CEBI format helps me build quality professional peer relationships that hold me accountable!  The time I dedicate to CEBI is never wasted.  In fact, I schedule other priorities around CEBI."

      ~ Jennifer Guthrie, CEO, In-Flight Crew Connections, LLC

My eyes were opened the first day I attended a CEBI board. We fired someone's trouble employee and when I talked about the business issue I was wrestling with, many around the table were smiling or nodding their heads, signaling, "We've heard or dealt with this before." I was overwhelmed and grateful of their frank feedback and the great advice I received.


~ Adam Landrum, President & CEO, Up&Up

“Solid, practical, actionable advice. This is what I love most about CEBI.”

~ David Kreiger, CEO & President, CDS Ensembles

"I am a second generation owner in a company my father started 40 years ago in our garage. Not feeling confident enough in knowing all the ins and outs of running a business, I turned to an organization to which my father once belonged, Chief Executive Boards International.  I remembered all the great ideas and the energy with which he returned after attending these meetings. It seemed like a good place for me to turn. The knowledge one leaves with is astounding.  The ideas and education gained is immeasurable.  Bouncing around ideas and brainstorming on different topics has helped me with things I face today and things I will face in the future.  I really appreciate everything I get out of being a member of CEBI."

~ Sue Weaver, Owner & CEO, BESI Inc.

"I thoroughly enjoy the information I hear at the meetings, but the best benefit I have received from CEBI is the networking opportunities. I’ve placed two of the men I met there on my Board of Advisors and have struck up some great relationships for both executive advice and potential business with several others."

~ Chuck Biehn ,President, American Cutting Edge, Inc.

"CEBI saved my business."

~ Bob Kaynes, President/CEO, Bron-Shoe Company

"I greatly value the benefits CEBI brings me and my organization as a member.  While the typical board of advisers is around a handful of cross disciplined business professionals, the advisers/members in CEBI are of similar caliber and those you can turn to for board quality advise number into the hundreds. 
As a member since 1999, I can confidently say we are not the company we are today without CEBI and our relationship with top notch business owners that include themselves as members."  

~ Brad Loetz, President, REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group

"As a business owner, it's lonely at the top with few people who understand the challenges faced in the many facets of living in the role.  I've found that through gathering with fellow business owners at CEBI to discuss and gain perspective on both business and personal challenges, I've not only improved my business, I've improved my overall happiness in life."

~ Rob Moyer, CEO, Rexarc Internatioonal

"In the beginning I was not sure how or if CEBI could help me & my company. Precision Stamping Products has now been a member for over five years. We have not only gained information from the local members, on business such as sales, marketing, costing, banking, insurance, personnel, but also on life itself."

~ Jack Sharkey, CEO, Precision Stamping Products, Inc.

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