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National Summits

2020 CEBI Virtual Fall Summit 
"Focus and Adapt"
October 14th  - 16th

Due to the COVID pandemic, and our concern for the health and safety of our

members and staff, CEBI will host a virtual Fall Summit this October. 

Calendar invites will be sent to all CEBI members with a link to access the General Session as well as a link to their National Board.

Below is an introduction to our General Session speakers as well as our agenda for all events. 

Guest Speakers

Let's Stop Should-ing On Each Other - Trisha Harp

Trisha is a business owner, author and coach whose worked with entrepreneurs for the past 15 years.  In Let's Stop Should-ing On Each Other,Trisha  will share how to engage your spouse in a productive conversation about the business that (done correctly) won’t end in a fight. By helping leaders employ communication techniques and relationship building skills, her insights will help increase success at home and in the business.

Managing a Virtual Workforce Effectively - Tim Allen

With the pandemic forcing many companies into remote operations, the challenge of managing a virtual workforce has become the latest challenge, but many are also recognizing the benefits and the potential to continue these practices into the future. As CEO of Oberon Technologies Inc.,  Tim will share his own insights, as he has been operating an entirely virtual business since 2007, with employees in 33 different states, including an executive staff spread across four different states. 

Pivoting During Crisis - Scott Snider and Chris Snider

Owners of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), Chris and Scott will participate in a pannel interview which will illustrate the situation their business was facing and how they quickly pivoted their business model to accommodate the restrictions related to the COVID 19 pandemic.    This will be a panel / round table discussion with the facilitator asking questions to the panelists as well as taking questions from the Summit audience.

 EPI is powered by indusry experts and market leaders that are passionate about providing top professional advisors the best industry content, ongoing practice support and owner eductation resources.  EPI has grown to become the exit planning market leader while staying focused and true to their mission.

They are an education company that certifies and supports more than 800 CEPAs (and counting) as well as thousands of advisors worldwide through national, regional, chapter, and virtual education.

Compensation for the New Business World - Tom Jordan

Chances are, you think differently about compensation now than you did a few months ago. Let’s face it, COVID-19 made us think differently about a lot of things. Although we’ve survived the crisis so far, your pay strategy going forward probably needs to change. Business leaders are struggling to determine how to effectively reward performance in the new economy without creating the same financial vulnerabilities many companies have just experienced.   As part of MPI Inc., Tom is a 30+ year veteran and an industry expert in the realm of designing effective compensation strategies that work.

General Agenda

October 14

9:00am National Board A

2:00pm National Board C

October 15

8:15am Welcome

8:30am Let's Stop "Should-ing" on Each Other - Trisha Harp

9:30am Managing a Virtual Workforce Effectively - Tim Allen

10:00am Break

10:15am    Pivoting Your Business -
Chris Snider and Scott Snider

10:45am Compensation Strategy for the New Business World - Tom Jordan

2:00pm National Board D

October 16

9:00am National Board F

2:00pm National Board G

*Calendar invites will be sent to each
National Board for their virtual session. Each session will last approximately three hours. 

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