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Mapping Out Your Company’s Future

02 Feb 2021 12:23 PM | Anonymous

On this week’s episode of the Lessons from the Boardroom Podcast, we speak with Robert Duermit. He is the President of Kinsale Contracting Group, a selective demolition and environmental company based in Chicago, Illinois. Alongside three other partners, Robert  started Kinsale in 2001, offering lead, asbestos and mold removal, and remediation. Robert has since become President and continues to grow and evolve a very successful company. 

Robert says, “Sometimes when you're trying to build your company, you lose sight of the future. And that's where I think a lot of businesses fail. So, you have to look in the future and map it out and follow that map the best way you can.”

We chat with Robert about how offering excellent customer service is a collective team effort, as well as:

  • The unpredictability of the economy

  • How his team develops the strengths of each employee

  • Investing in your workforce

  • The separation of work and home life

  • Continuously planning for the future

  • And more

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