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Robert Gilmore | Keys to Building a Successful Grassroots Business

14 Oct 2020 5:00 AM | Anonymous

On this week’s episode, we chat with Rob Gilmore, Founder and CEO of RX’n’Go, about his journey to building a successful grassroots business. After spending 25 years working for major insurance companies in employee benefits and two years working as a benefit advisor, Rob started RX’n’Go to address some common frustrations with pharmacy costs and delivery of medications.

Since founding the company with his partner in 2010, they have grown from one account to over 250 employer groups offering RX’n’Go to their employees and family members. Rob currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, and enjoys traveling with his wife when he has the time to do so.

We chat about how Rob got his start in business, as well as:

  • The idea that prompted the founding of RX’n’Go

  • The biggest challenges and greatest successes he has faced in his journey thus far

  • Why he believes some businesses achieve success where others might struggle

  • Why he is optimistic about the future of RX’n’Go

  • And more

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