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Timothy Allen | The Silver Lining of the COVID-19 Downturn

12 Nov 2020 5:00 AM | Anonymous

On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Tim Allen, CEO of Oberon Technologies. Tim has over 35 years of experience with automating the delivery of enterprise content and virtual reality training. Oberon Technologies has a staff that is over 90% virtual, with its executive team spread across five states, and employees in 33. 

Tim had this to say about team collaboration during the pandemic: “One of the things I think that really helped us and made us successful in this was getting everybody's input. And when we got ideas, all the way down to the lowest level employee coming up with ideas as to what we could potentially use to help survive in this situation, we got those kinds of cross-functional ideas that really helped us make good decisions and put everything on the board that we wouldn't have thought of if we just kept it at the executive level, or I tried to come up with solutions on my own.”

We chat about Tim’s entrepreneurial journey, as well as:

  • His biggest challenges and successes

  • Building success from scratch

  • How COVID-19 sped up plans and exposed underlying strengths

  • Virtualization in a hurry

  • The importance of communication throughout executive levels

  • And more

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