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Ryan Yeoman | Creating an Empowering Environment

10 Dec 2020 5:00 AM | Anonymous

This week, on Lessons from the Boardroom, we speak with Ryan Yeoman, President of ADW, an OEM automotive distribution company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. ADW warehouses sells OEM parts and accessories from General Motors and parts from Ford Motor Company. Ryan was formerly the COO of Capterra, a technology and online media company he co-founded in 2000. 

Ryan says, “The more deliberate you are, the clearer you are on what your culture is, what you stand for, the better chance you have of making sure the people that are part of it, are living it, are empowered by it, and are able to do their best work. And I think that ultimately leads to success.”

We chat about the big shift of company culture occurring in ADW now, as well as:

  • Transitioning out of change-averse, stagnation mode

  • Establishing a really strong foundation

  • Making every company employee feel valued and heard

  • Encouraging and Inviting feedback

  • Creating an environment in which people can empower themselves

  • And more

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