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Steve Bitzer | Lasting Innovations as a Result of the Pandemic

17 Dec 2020 5:00 AM | Anonymous

On this week’s episode of Lessons from the Boardroom, we speak with Steve Bitzer. He started his career straight out of high school as a welder, a steel fabricator, and an erector and progressed to become the President of Deerfield Construction company in 1988, where he presides over the company today. 

Steve says, “If you're not striving to be better, all the time, then it's going to get stagnant at some point, and you're going to lose employees, you're going to lose customers, it's going to be a step backwards. So I believe anybody who can identify the good, and make it better, and anybody that can identify the not so good and make it better is going to be successful.”

We chat about business strategy, as well as:

  • The impact of COVID on this essential business

  • The use of remote tools to update project processes

  • Takeaways from pandemic operations that will carry on into the future

  • Seeking to offer outstanding customer service in the industry

  • And more

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