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Vince DeLeonardis | Seamless Transition of Leadership

30 Dec 2020 5:00 AM | Anonymous

Our special guest on this week’s episode of the Lessons from the Boardroom Podcast is Vince DeLeonardis, President of Auch Construction since 2006, a privately held construction management firm based in Pontiac, Michigan, founded in 1908. They enjoy over 95% repeat business, a rare statistic for a construction management firm.

Vince says, “Our greatest success has been seeing the transformation of our next generation as they're taking care of problems, and in keeping with our core values, taking care of the client results in that repeat business.”

We chat about the road to his leadership role at Auch Construction, as well as:

  • Dynamic skills learned from a mine in Colorado, and a nuclear power plant in Michigan
  • Moving from running big highrise and historical preservation projects to a smaller firm
  • Aiming for a seamless transition of leadership
  • Developing a proactive culture of safety and values
  • And more...

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Mentioned in this episode:

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