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From Start-Up to Multimillion-Dollar Manufacturing Company

12 Jan 2021 12:14 PM | Anonymous

This week, on the Lessons from the Boardroom Podcast, we speak with Andrew Loff, the Co-Founder of Composite Advantage, an infrastructure company specializing in large structural fiberglass components. They’ve engineered longer-lasting materials for vehicle bridges, rails platforms, and various other heavy infrastructure type products. Based out of Dayton, Ohio, they’ve grown from a start-up to a successful multimillion-dollar infrastructure company manufacturing new product lines. 

We chat with Andy about beginning a company with the support of a non-profit, as well as:

  • The humbling early days of ownership of Composite Advantage

  • Avoiding costly mistakes by listening to mentors

  • Bootstrap financing

  • Encouraging people to grow into their roles by providing opportunities

  • And more

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